Confidence of Uncertainty


Rick Iannacone, is a guitarist extraordinaire and one of Philadelphia‘s creative forces, equipped with a highly individual style and sound. He did a lot of work with Jamaaladeen Tacuma, ( bass player with Ornette Coleman for more than 10 years and pioneer of harmolodic Funk ). He also toured a lot with the late Billy Paul, singer/songwriter and Grammy Award Winner.

For this particular project he teamed up with Wolfgang Puschnig, a prominent European voice on altosax and flute working in Jazz and improvised music of all kinds to create a lively and fresh sound with some of the finest musicians living in Austria – Jon Sass/tuba, Asja Valcic/cello and Reinhardt Winkler/drums.

Iannacone and Puschnig met in Tacuma‘s band many years ago and worked together in different projects over the time, for example „Red Sun/SamulNori“ ( with the famous Korean drummers ) or with the singer Linda Sharrock.

Puschnig persuaded Iannacone to finally record a bunch of his own compositions to document his music, something that Iannacone never has done before.

The result is fresh and sounds unusual. Music that defies all categories set up by the industry. All the musicians involved - with their respective backgrounds and creativity - contribute to the flow of this outstanding sound, a mixture of cultures and funky, jazzy and otherwordly elements.